Introducing the myColorado Portal

The myColorado Portal is an innovative add-on service that allows Coloradans to interact with authorized merchants and entities in a digital, contactless way by sharing select information from their Colorado Digital ID with the merchant via a secure web application. The myColorado Portal is a secure platform that vendors and other providers can use to receive information that a resident agrees to share from their myColorado digital Wallet such as the Colorado Digital ID, vehicle registration card and other documents for the purposes of verifying identification, licensure, credentials or eligibility (for example, to register or check in at a medical center).

The myColorado Portal enables seamless integration between the myColorado mobile app and a merchant or other entity's application with which the resident wants to share information. For example, the Portal enables residents to wirelessly share their identity, age and address with a Colorado State Patrol trooper during a routine traffic stop. This process is convenient, secure and safe for both the resident and the trooper because the driver's data is digitally transmitted into the trooper's reporting system without having to exchange a physical driver license or mobile phone.

This behind-the-scenes web application has the potential to revolutionize the way Coloradans interact with businesses, health providers, state agencies, law enforcement and other organizations.

If you have questions about the myColorado Portal or would like to discuss integration opportunities, please call the myColorado Support Desk at 303.562.9855 or email