Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) partners with myColorado™ to offer simplified registration

myColorado has proudly partnered with the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD). From the MHCD app, patients can check-in using their verified Digital ID through the myColorado app.

Simple Registration Process

  • As an MHCD patient, you can use your Colorado Digital ID to confirm your information and bypass the in-app verification process.

  • For more information, review this easy, one-time self-registration guide.

Don't Have the App yet?


Will my information be safe?

Personal information in myColorado is protected by industry-leading multi-factor authentication and data encryption for privacy and security throughout the app. myColorado employs user authentication, validation, and federation on several levels to ensure the identity of the user.

When can I use the myColorado app to register my account in the Mental Health Center of Denver's mobile Application?

You need to currently be in services at MHCD to register and download the MHCD app. Once you have verified your identity using myColorado and registered for the MHCD App, you can have access to your treatment information in the MHCD App.

How do I create a Colorado Digital ID™?

Create your Colorado Digital ID from within the myColorado mobile app. First, download the app on your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store, then set up a profile using your current Colorado driver license or state ID and complete the setup process.

Will my information in myColorado be compromised if my phone is lost or stolen?

Like any app, you should protect it with your phone’s biometric features, such as a thumbprint or facial recognition. These features are enabled by default in myColorado based on what you have already set up on your phone. Enabling thumbprint or facial recognition will help ensure that no one except you will be able to login to the app and access your information.