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Having an issue? Check out the troubleshooting tips below. You may also find more information, tips and FAQs on popular app features on these pages: Account Creation, myVaccine Record, Digital Fishing License.

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myColorado Customer Support is happy to help! We provide customized technical support Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please provide details in the Support Request Form or call the team at 303.562.9855.

Troubleshooting & Helpful Tips

Some residents have been experiencing challenges with the myColorado app due to myVaccine Record's popularity as a tool to fight against COVID-19. The good news is that we have a major upgrade being rolled out to Coloradans over the next couple of weeks that will improve app functionality and fix performance issues. Residents will be notified when the upgrade is available!

In the meantime, a few workaround solutions are pictured in the graphics to the right.

Click the forward or back arrows on the graphics to view each solution.

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myColorado seems to be stuck in a loop when I open it. How do I fix this?

The app's login process needs to be reset. Gather your username and password, and log in to the app without using Face ID or Touch ID.

To Cancel Face ID* or Touch ID:

  1. Tap "Cancel." The app will navigate to the log in screen.

  2. Tap "Log In."

  3. Log in with your username and password.

*You will need to cover the front-facing camera if Face ID is enabled.

The app times out frequently and I have to log back in. Is there a way to prevent this?

For security reasons, the app times out after about 10 minutes. When you finish using the app, close it to prevent it from timing out.

I tried to scan a QR code to wirelessly share information with a merchant or peace officer, but it said "invalid QR code." Why does this happen?

The issue may be related to the angle of your phone while scanning the code. Try positioning your phone's camera so it's directly facing the code. It could also be related to the lighting or glare.

The free-floating flower hologram in my Digital ID is not moving. What should I do?

On iPhone SE model phones the "Reduce Motion" feature needs to be turned off. Follow the instructions on this Apple support page to change the setting. For further assistance, contact myColorado support at

My camera appears to be storing pictures on my Android phone taken during the account setup process. How can I prevent this?

Some native cameras on Android phones store photos. To prevent photos from being stored when creating your myColorado account, download a camera app from the Google Play store. During the myColorado account creation process, your phone will ask you to select which camera to use (the native camera or the Google Play camera). Choose the Google Play camera.