Vehicle Services

myColorado™ keeps your vehicle information accessible and secure. Access your Colorado vehicle title on your mobile device with the new eTitle feature!

You can also upload insurance cards, vehicle registrations and other important documents to have an electronic version available at your fingertips!


eTitle is a secure, electronic version of your vehicle's title through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for proof of ownership or quick access to view your vehicle’s information.

Things to Know

For more information, please visit the DMV title page or call 303.205.5608.

eTitle FAQs

Can I use my electronic vehicle title in myColorado to transfer ownership if I sell my vehicle?

At this time, no. The paper title would need to be completed, signed and submitted to the buyer's county motor vehicle office. Please visit the DMV Title page for more information.

Can I print my electronic vehicle title if I lose my original title as a replacement?

No, eTitle only serves as a representation of your vehicle’s current title and does not replace your original paper title. You would need to request a duplicate title online at, complete and submit the Duplicate Title / Lien Request form or contact your county motor vehicle office.

Can my title be used as proof of registration? 

No, but you can upload your current registration into your myColorado wallet by selecting Vehicle Registrations. You will need your vehicle’s license plate number and verification code (found on your current vehicle registration). You will also need to choose a nickname for your vehicle.

Can my vehicle information be accessed by multiple users?

This information can be accessed by anyone who has your vehicle's VIN number and verification code, both of which are found on your registration. Your verification code is unique to your vehicle and not something readily available to others.

Can I email this electronic title?

At this time, no.

I have sold my vehicle and should no longer be listed on the title. What should I do?

You can “report a release of liability” through myDMV in the Vehicle Services tab. However, the information of the new owner would not be reported on the vehicle until the new owner processes a title transfer at their county motor vehicle office. 

Vehicle Registrations

Vehicle registrations are available digitally in the myColorado™ app. It’s a convenient, secure way to ensure that your registration is accessible.

1. From the Wallet tab, tap Vehicle Registrations.

2. Tap Add Vehicle Registration.

3. Enter your license plate number, the verification code located on your physical vehicle registration card, and a nickname for the vehicle (optional).

4. Tap Submit.

Renew a vehicle registration, request a duplicate registration, or estimate registration fees by tapping the Services tab and selecting myDMV - Colorado DMV Online Services.

For questions regarding your vehicle registration, call the Division of Motor Vehicles at 303.205.5600 or visit

Keep Colorado Wild Pass FAQs

How do I update my renewed Vehicle Registration in the myColorado™ app after the Keep Colorado Wild Pass has been added?

After you renew your registration with the DMV, navigate to your vehicle registration within the app and tap the recycle icon in the top right-hand corner. Once it refreshes, you should see a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo on the vehicle registration card. Please note that it may take 24-72 hours after renewal for changes to take effect.

Can I purchase the Keep Colorado Wild Pass through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Licenses feature on the myColorado™ app?

No. The Keep Colorado Wild Pass is only available for purchase through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when either renewing or registering a vehicle. The annual $29 pass fee is automatically added to your vehicle registration unless you choose to opt out.

If you do not own a vehicle, you can purchase a non-vehicle pass on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at or at your local CPW Office or state park. The non-vehicle pass can only be used if you enter a park without a vehicle.

Can I use my Keep Colorado Wild Pass with multiple vehicles?

No. Each Keep Colorado Wild Pass is linked to a specific vehicle and noted on that vehicle’s registration. The pass is not transferable between vehicles.

For more information on the Keep Colorado Wild Pass, please visit the CPW website at