Video Tutorials

Take a look at the myColorado how-to videos below to learn how to use some of the app's key features!

Create an Account

The process to create an account is now much easier than in the video! Follow the simple steps in the app to set up your account. You'll only need to take a selfie if you set up your Digital ID.

Learn how to create an account and a Colorado Digital ID. Creating an account is the first step to being able to use all of the features and services available in the myColorado app. (3:21)

Renew a Driver License or ID Card

Learn how to renew your driver license or state ID card right from the palm of your hand. (2:13)

Digital Wallet

The Wallet is where you can store your Colorado Digital ID as well as digital copies of your vehicle registration(s) and insurance cards. (3:21)

Note: Colorado State Patrol is accepting the Colorado Digital ID as of November 30, 2020! Should you be stopped by CSP and would like to use your Digital ID in lieu of your physical driver license or state ID card, be sure you set up your Digital ID in the app in advance. If you add your vehicle registration and insurance card to the app Wallet, the trooper can wirelessly accept them, as well.

Colorado Digital ID™ Overview

View an overview of myColorado's Digital ID feature. (1:22)

Smart Search

Learn about myColorado's Smart Search feature, which can be used to quickly find state services, as well as articles and web pages using keywords. (1:16)