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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Who accepts the Colorado Digital ID? 

On Oct. 30, 2019, Governor Jared Polis issued an Executive Order stating that beginning Dec. 1, 2019:

Businesses were authorized to start accepting Colorado Digital ID for proof of a person’s identity and age within Colorado on Oct. 30, 2019, and state agencies were authorized to start accepting the Digital ID on Dec. 1, 2019, as they have the capability to do so. Colorado State Patrol started accepting Digital ID on Nov. 30, 2020, and many local police departments and sheriff's offices are starting to accept it. Because the Digital ID will be accepted over time, and not all law enforcement agencies accept it yet, Coloradans may use their Digital ID for convenience but must also carry their physical driver license or state-issued ID. 

Keep Colorado Wild Pass FAQs

How do I update my renewed Vehicle Registration in the myColorado™ app after the Keep Colorado Wild Pass has been added?

After you renew your registration with the DMV, navigate to your vehicle registration within the app and tap the recycle icon in the top right-hand corner. Once it refreshes, you should see a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo on the vehicle registration card. Please note that it may take 24-72 hours after renewal for changes to take effect.

Can I purchase the Keep Colorado Wild Pass through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Licenses feature on the myColorado™ app?

No. The Keep Colorado Wild Pass is only available for purchase through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when either renewing or registering a vehicle. The annual $29 pass fee is automatically added to your vehicle registration unless you choose to opt out.

If you do not own a vehicle, you can purchase a non-vehicle pass on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at or at your local CPW Office or state park. The non-vehicle pass can only be used if you enter a park without a vehicle.

Can I use my Keep Colorado Wild Pass with multiple vehicles?

No. Each Keep Colorado Wild Pass is linked to a specific vehicle and noted on that vehicle’s registration. The pass is not transferable between vehicles.

For more information on the Keep Colorado Wild Pass, please visit the CPW website at

Image of Keep Colorado Wild pass

ADA Accessibility

Do I need to allow my camera access for this app?

Yes, the app will need access to your camera to create your account and verify your identity. 

How can I distinguish the front from the back of my ID or license?

If you are on iOS the voiceover will let you know when the barcode is out of frame or if your ID is face up. If you are on Android, your ID or license will have etched lines that are raised and can be felt on the front, while the back is completely flat and smooth. In order to orient your ID or license make sure the Customer Identification Number is on the right. It is etched vertically about an eighth of an inch from the edge, between two raised lines, and about one and a half inches long, on the left side of the front of the license.

When I create an account, how do I scan my ID or driver license?

Lay your driver license or ID in landscape orientation on a flat, dark surface. The smooth side with the barcode should be facing up and the side with your portrait and etched tactile customer identification number should be facing down. Make sure the barcode is well lit, then align your license or ID in the box on the screen. Your barcode should scan automatically, but if it does not, try placing your camera on top of the license or ID and lift the phone straight up about six inches.

How do I take a facial snapshot?

First make sure to turn your sound/ringer on. Hold your phone in a portrait position, with both hands. Extend your arms out in front of your face with your elbows straight, hold steady and double tap the screen to hear voice-over instructions. The voiceover will let you know if your face is too far left, right, too close or too far. Follow the voiceover instructions and will confirm when you have successfully captured an acceptable photo. Once you have captured your selfie, your digital ID will come up automatically.

Will I have to repeat the photo process?

No, once you have successfully taken your selfie your identity will be verified.

How do I set up my fingerprint or facial recognition to expedite my sign in?

Touch/Face ID is turned on by default. To turn this setting off go to the More tab and toggle off.

What should I do if I’m still having difficulty using the application?

Email or call 303.562.9855 for assistance. You can also contact us from the app by selecting ADA Accessibility Contact on the More tab. 

Colorado ID on iPhone, Apple Watch, Google Wallet

Is Colorado Digital ID the same as Colorado ID on iPhone, Apple Watch or Google Wallet?

No. Colorado Digital ID allows Coloradans to create and store an electronic version of their Colorado driver license or state-issued ID on their smartphone as proof of identity within the state.

Colorado ID on iPhone and Apple Watch or Google Wallet is a voluntary, secure, digitized version of your Colorado-issued driver license (DL) or identification card (ID). Coloradans can present their Colorado ID at select Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport security checkpoints, within Denver International Airport (DEN) and other participating locations

Can I show my Colorado Digital ID at TSA checkpoints in the Denver International Airport?

No, the Colorado Digital ID in the myColorado app cannot be used to verify identity at TSA security checkpoints at this time. Please bring your physical state-issued identification card or Colorado ID on iPhone or Google Wallet (where accepted) to verify your identity.

Can I access the Colorado ID on iPhone, Apple Watch or Google Wallet from myColorado?

Colorado ID on iPhone, Apple Watch and Google Wallet is not supported by myColorado at this time. However, Colorado is always looking for services that provide our residents with security, privacy and ease of use. Stay posted as myColorado keeps developing new ways for Coloradans to go digital! 

Can I add Colorado Digital ID into my Apple Wallet or Google Wallet?

No. The Colorado Digital ID™ does not support adding its digital driver license into Apple Wallet or Google Wallet at this time. To learn more about the Colorado ID on iPhone and Apple Watch, visit To learn more about the Colorado ID in Google Wallet, visit

Why did I get a letter from the DMV asking for verification information? 

You recently tried to register your Colorado ID on an iPhone, Apple Watch or Google Wallet but the DMV needs additional information to verify your identity before you can complete the registration process.

To complete verification information for Colorado ID on iPhone, Apple Watch or Google Wallet, follow the link/QR code in the letter to the e-Services website, enter the verification code and fill in the required fields to complete enrollment. Alternatively, you may need to meet with a DMV agent to move forward. For more information or questions, call 303.205.5600 or visit the DMV website at or

Driver License Renewals

I am trying to use a myColorado service and it says I have to go to a DMV location. Why?

There are some circumstances for which an in-person visit to a DMV location is mandatory to renew a document. If your question is specifically related to driver license renewal, you can go to and click the Contact Us tab to find an office near you.

My new physical driver license has a star in the upper right corner, but my Digital ID does not. Should they look the same?

The new physical driver licenses and ID cards have a star in the top right corner indicating that the document is a REAL ID. This allows it to be used to enter federal buildings and for air travel. The Colorado Digital ID is not yet REAL ID compliant, so a star does not display in the digital version.

I have a veteran and/or military emblem on my driver license. When I renew through the app, will the emblem carry over? 

Yes. When you renew, your veteran and/or military emblem will carry over to your new physical driver license as well as display on your digital ID. 

How will the charge for services through myColorado appear on my credit card statement? 

Purchases made through the myColorado app will appear as “GOV*MYCOLORADO DMV DL" on your credit card statement. Charges made through your bank will appear as "MYCOLORADO DMV DL". 

When I open the Wallet, it says my driver license is suspended or canceled. What should I do?

Contact DMV by phone at 303.205.5600 or visit for more information. Click here for a list of driver license office locations.

I didn't receive my license in the mail. What should I do?

We're sorry for the delay. Documents generally arrive in 10-14 business days but can take up to 30 days to be delivered. If you still haven't received your license or ID after more than 30 days, you can check your status by going to the DMV website and clicking "Where's my driver license/ID".


For questions related to the Renew a Driver License or ID section of the app, please contact the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by going to and clicking the Contact Us tab.

Sales Tax Lookup

What is SUTS?

SUTS is an abbreviation for Sales and Use Tax Simplification. It represents various services the state offers to help taxpayers and business owners to determine the correct sales tax rate based on location, as well as filing and remitting those taxes to the various municipalities and taxing districts in your area.

When will I need to know the sales and use tax?

House Bill 22-1027 allowed some extensions for small retailers with less than $100,000 in annual sales to source sales to their Colorado business location until October 1, 2022. After October 1, 2022 all retailers, regardless of annual sales figures must calculate sales taxes based on the location of where their product was ultimately received by their customer. This lookup service is here to provide taxpayers and business owners with an extra tool to help make this transition period as easy as possible.

What happens if I used your Sales Tax Lookup, was audited, and found out I charged an incorrect amount for sales tax? 

If you used the myColorado Sales Tax Lookup, and through a state review or audit that the proposed tax rate was incorrect, the tax remitter would still be liable for the difference in tax due (or refund if the tax rate was too high). However, the Department of Revenue (DOR) would not charge any penalty or interest on the correction that would otherwise be applicable. This is because the state guarantees the information provided through the myColorado's Sales Tax Lookup is accurate. This is also called Hold Harmless Protection and is afforded to any business that shows they’ve used the state’s data to calculate the sales tax due from a customer with a Colorado destination address. If you’re a business that is interested in automating this data into your own POS system, please contact and they will be happy to help you integrate this data.

What kind of vendors need to know the sales and use tax?

Business owners, freelancers or online sellers need to understand sales taxes in Colorado provided they’re shipping the product they sold to a Colorado address. Photographers, crafters that sell goods at trade shows and vendors that sell food from food trucks are just a few examples of people who benefit from knowing sales and use tax rates across Colorado. Please refer to the Department of Revenue if you have any questions about the taxability of a product you may be selling in Colorado

What’s new in the latest version of myColorado Sales Tax Lookup?

Geolocation: Now you can view your sales and use taxes by searching via geolocation, or a phone’s geographic location, when using the app. An additional way to search for tax is by using the new display map that allows the user to tap on a location in Colorado to bring up the sales and use tax in the region selected.

Calculator: With the addition of our new sales tax calculator function in Sales Tax Lookup, users can enter a gross sale dollar amount (the amount you’re charging for the product you’re selling) and the service will apply the applicable tax rate for where you are located (or for a different location that can be selected on the map) and produce the total amount a customer should pay for the given product. Note, users can also select from a list of different product types that may be taxed differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction from the drop-down menu (the default is “General Merchandise”).

The Sales Tax Lookup feature is not responding.

Make sure the latest version of myColorado is installed. If Sales Tax Lookup is still not responding, check your phone’s location sharing settings. Enable permissions to use the phone’s location to either “while using the app” or “always allow”. This will enable Sales Tax Lookup to work properly using the phone’s geolocation.

Security and Data Protection

Is myColorado secure? 

Personal information in myColorado is protected by industry-leading multi-factor authentication and data encryption for privacy and security throughout the app. myColorado employs user authentication, validation, and federation on several levels to ensure the identity of the user. 

Why does myColorado use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logging in?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps to keep your account more secure by requiring account credentials along with additional information (e.g., a passcode sent to your phone.) This makes it harder for someone who is not authorized to access your account.

What are the Colorado laws related to identity theft and using fake identification? 

Identity theft is a felony in Colorado. Visit the National Conference of State Legislatures website here and select "Colorado" to view the current identity theft statutes. 

Who has access to the personal data I enter into the myColorado app? 

When using the myColorado app, your data is protected through the use of industry-leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) and data encryption for privacy and security throughout the app. There are only two instances in which your data could be shared securely with a third party while using the app:

During Account Registration: As part of the registration process, the data you provide is used to verify your identity by comparing it to the data in the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles database and performing "Customer Identification" checks commonly used by banks and other financial institutions. These third-party identity verification services are highly secure and regulated by the federal government, and the data is never stored by them since it is only used for the length of time it takes for you to register your account.

To Make a Payment or Store Payment Information: Once your account has been created, your data is never shared again with third parties unless you choose the option to process a payment or store your payment information. For these services, the myColorado app uses a payment processor that is industry certified at the highest level (PCI Level 1). The app must provide your personal payment information to process a payment in the same manner that any other checkout process requires at the time of purchase or point of sale.

With the exception of the two momentary and widely accepted scenarios noted above, all other activity and data remains private and securely encrypted throughout myColorado, and is specific to only your use within the app and the incorporated state services. The myColorado team and the State of Colorado take the privacy and protection of your personal data very seriously. If you have questions about your data privacy, please contact our customer support. 

Will my personal information in myColorado be compromised if my phone is lost or stolen? 

Like any app, you should protect it with your phone’s biometric features, such as a thumbprint or facial recognition. These features are enabled by default in myColorado based on what you have already set up on your phone. Enabling thumbprint or facial recognition will help ensure that no one except you will be able to sign in to the app and access your information. 

Is there a way to protect my personal information that is not needed for identity verification? 

Yes, myColorado allows you to hide information that is not pertinent to your use. For instance, if you are entering a restaurant that serves alcohol, you can choose to hide your address and even your birthdate using the toggle settings in the app; there is an indicator that will let the merchant see that you are over 21. 

Can merchants scan the 2D barcode on a Colorado Digital ID just as they do for physical cards? 

Yes, the swipe-left functionality will display the “back” of the ID with the barcode. 

Where did the app get my profile information from? 

When you initially scanned the barcode on the back of your driver license, the myColorado app interpreted the information contained within the barcode. 

Will my driver license be updated with the selfie picture I used to create my Digital ID? 

No. The image that is associated with your driver license is the same one that was taken at the DMV. The selfie image is only used during the Digital ID setup process to securely validate your identity.