Law Enforcement Accepting Digital ID

On Nov. 30, 2020, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) announced that troopers will begin accepting the contact-free Colorado Digital ID™ within the myColorado™ mobile app as proof of identity, age and address for traffic stops within the state. The contactless Digital ID, downloaded by more than 75,000 Coloradans as of Nov. 2020, provides troopers and residents with a safe, secure and convenient way to exchange information that was historically only available with a physical polycarbonate ID card.

While Colorado State Patrol is the first and only law enforcement agency accepting Digital ID, the state has been actively engaging with local police departments and sheriff’s offices. As additional law enforcement begins accepting the Colorado Digital ID, we will add those agencies to the list below.

Important: Until full acceptance of Colorado Digital ID is available at all local and state jurisdictions, residents should always carry their physical driver license or state identification cards wherever they go.

Digital ID Methods for Law Enforcement

While Colorado State Patrol is the first law enforcement agency to train troopers and begin accepting the Colorado Digital ID, Governor Polis' Oct. 30, 2019 Executive Order encourages all state and local law enforcement agencies to begin accepting Digital ID at their earliest convenience.

There are two methods by which police departments and sheriff's offices can choose to accept the Digital ID:

  • eCitation hardware - scan the Digital ID's 2d-barcode with a handheld scanner just as you would with a physical ID cards

  • myColorado Portal / QR code - have the ID holder scan a unique QR code provided to each law enforcement officer to automatically transmit data to the myColorado Portal

Method 1: Using a Handheld Scanner (eCitation hardware)

If your law enforcement agency issues eCitations and already uses handheld devices to scan physical ID cards, you can begin to train officers on accepting the Digital ID right away. Simply ask the ID holder to show their Digital ID within the myColorado app and scan the barcode on the "back" of the Digital ID. The data that is stored in their barcode will be transmitted into your reporting system and you can complete the process as usual. If they have added their vehicle registration to the myColorado digital Wallet, you can scan the registration barcode as well. They may also have their proof of insurance in the Wallet.

Method 2: Using the myColorado Portal

If your agency does not use handheld scanners, or not all officers have them, you can use the myColorado Portal method. Once provided with a myColorado Portal account and unique QR code, you will invite the ID holder to scan your QR code (often affixed to a contact card) using a smartphone that already contains the myColorado app and a pre-generated Digital ID. When the ID holder agrees to share their information, the data is wirelessly transmitted to your account on the myColorado Portal. You can view their information on your PC or mobile reporting device and easily copy and paste the information into your reporting system.

Law Enforcement Training & Setup

Initial training and account setup is needed for officers to access the myColorado Portal, and the myColorado team is here to help! To register for training and testing with your agency's equipment, please complete this short form and we will contact you to discuss available dates and details.

Interested in a demo of the Colorado Digital ID?

We're offering virtual overviews and demos to show you the process for accepting Digital ID. To request a demo, submit this short form today and we will circle back with upcoming dates you can choose from.

Want to schedule your officers for training on the myColorado Portal?

The myColorado team is already working with local law enforcement agencies to test the Digital ID with their existing hardware. If your agency would like to receive training on the Digital ID, please submit this short form to reserve your spot! You can also use the form to request materials and to stay informed.